Top 5 reasons to use contingent labor

There is a lot of unpredictability in a company’s workforce needs as various trends make the need for more or less staff.

With companies all over the world implementing employment freezes job openings are being left open whilst already overworked employees are left to pick up the slack pilling onto their already huge piles of work.   This leads to a very unhappy workplace due to disgruntled and overworked employees whose workload has doubled but their compensation has not.

The answer to some of the companies staffing needs may lie in the use of contingent or a “variable workforce”.

Here are 5 reasons to use contingent labor to benefit your company’s workforce:

1. On-demand staffing solutions in a timely manner

The need for various positions to be filled in order to pick up the slack, take pressure of permanent employees and get productivity back on track can be filled with by the “variable workforce”

Agencies specializing in such a workforce usually has a varied set of skilled labor on hand and ready to start. This is also helpful in a situation where a staff member is taken ill, etc.

2. More access to a specialized skill force on an as-and-when-needed basis

On short notice, you have a pool of specialized skills you can choose from and at short notice. These days due to the ever-increasing demand for contingent labor the pool of specialized skills have been known to include occupations such as lawyers, doctors, nurses and information technology professionals.

3. Gives more flexibility

A variable workforce allows for the flexibility of hiring someone to do a specific task as-and-when without the HR overheads and various costs to company expenses involved in hiring a permanent staff member.

4. Cost

No high cost-to-company outlay and various overheads that would pertain for a full-time employee.

5. Unique head-hunting opportunity