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Best Dive Sites Justified

It is no wonder that the GBR has been omitted as a best dive site from the Lonely Planet travel guide. There will likely be more of it. The reason behind this is that not a day goes pass that some “concerned” scientist, the WWF, the Greens, PEW, climate change experts, anti-mining, and the whole bunch of out of touch “Safe the Planet” mob are getting plenty of coverage in the popular media by stating that the GBR is in dire straits and literally dying in its tracks. The dive industry deserves everything it gets as it has a been a willing party to these doomsday predictions, particular by supporting to ban fishing. The scientific people are working on grants and to keep their jobs they want more money, so they cry wolf and need more to study the reef, while the doomsday cult wants to ban ships, farming, fishing and more. Indeed, it is so bad that I got an email from someone in Melbourne asking me if it was worthwhile to visit the GBR as he had heard a ship has crashed into it!

The greenies have almost succeeded in getting the GBR put on the endangered World Heritage listing, thus the Lonely Planet emittance is no surprise. Tell the real truth before world travel agents ignore it, if not already.

Dick Eussen


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