We as Australians are blessed with an array of natural wildernesses, on and off-shore. Unfortunately one by one they are being closed to YOU, some with little, if any scientific reasoning or consultation.

Areas such as The Coral Sea, Wild Rivers and the Ningaloo Coast off Western Australia have already been impacted on in turn affecting your rights as Australian citizens.

Don’t be fooled into thinking they will stop there! They have plenty more in their sights with Cape York potentially being World Heritage listed and other nation wide coastal marine conservation zones. The ‘Bioregional Plan’ encompasses the entire coastline of Australia.

At this rate, your outdoor recreational activities could well be restricted to watching it on TV!!!

If you would like to make a donation other than membership, you can do that right now.

With your help in the form of donations, we can continue the fight on behalf of the Australian people so we can all still responsibly enjoy the natural wonders that this country has to offer.

Our party is registered with the Australian Electoral Commission as a political party. This is under Part XI of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. This means that donations are tax deductible for amounts from $2.00 to $1,500.00 for each taxpayer.

BRANCH: Earlville
ACCOUNT NAME: Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
ACCOUNT NO: 014 577 1813 55897

We will need to send you a receipt, please advise your postal address once the deposit has been made:
- email :
- or by telephone to: (07) 4041 5001
- or by fax to: (07) 4031 1008
- or by post to: P O Box 12033, Earville BC, QLD 4870

• Send a cheque payable to ‘The Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party’ posted to: PO Box 12033, Earville BC, Queensland 4870. Please ensure you include you name and address.

To donate please complete this form.

Thank you for your support and lets show them that as “Responsible Environmentalists” we can sustainably continue to enjoy the great outdoors as we have done for a very long time!

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