5 Tricks to win the heart of your customers

Customer relations are the biggest part of any business because without customers in whatever form they may take you really do not have a business.

In today’s push of a button word of mouth system it is imperative we ensure we not only make them happy and love our brand but that they fall in love with the business as a whole and that includes top management.

Here are five ways to win your customer’s heart:

1. The customer is always right!

Go old school – yes it may seem like old fashion but nothing wins a customer over faster than “You are absolutely right madam/sir!

Engaging with their sense of self-worth as you listen to their complaint and compensate them with the smallest of gestures!

2. Resolve conflict in a cool, calm and respectful manner

A customer is going to irate when something goes wrong, they have had a long day and something is not right or working as it should – boom – they are going to be upset. Think of how you feel when it happens to you always keep in mind, I may be in customer service today but I am a customer too!

3. Listen when they speak, the consumer wants to be heard

With social media making it so easy to communicate and interact at a personal level with your customers and potential one make it work for your company.

Encourage customers to voice their opinions, listen to their suggestions, wants and needs.

4. Always keep the customer informed

whether good news or bad and no matter the fall out it is better to let the customer know what is going on.

Always alert customers to any changes, outages or interruptions in services and where every possible a brief clear explanation.

5. Offer good support and various rewards options

Customers love to know that all their loyal support is being rewarded. Once again be your customer and think how you feel when after loyal support your supplier rewards with that little something extra. It right away instills value and a bond between the two as a recognized thank you for your loyalty!