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The party has selected as its primary senate candidate Daniel McCarthy a fisherman with a mission, game-fishing charter boat skipper Daniel McCarthy, planning to forsake the Coral Sea for Canberra.

The 42 year old son of a career army officer, Daniel spent most of his ‘army-brat’ boyhood ‘on the bases’: Williamstown (NSW) and a succession of army base residences in other southern states and then Queensland.  When his father retired in 1984 the family moved to Cairns.    Daniel has been here ever since – and wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Married to wife Rayleen with no fewer than five kids, aged between 8 and 14, Daniel is every inch a family man – most Saturdays are spent at junior baseball parks, where Dan often fires-up the barbecue for ‘little league’ fund-raisers.  Sons Douglas and Cooper are budding bats and pitchers, qualifying for North Queensland representative teams.Family 2Daniel McCarthy

Sport is part of McCarthy family lore – Daniel played rep. rugby union in his younger days – and nowadays is a serious – and invariably accurate – sporting shooter.  He’s a member of the local pistol club – and a hobbyist hunter, helping cull the feral pigs that are in plague proportions throughout the rugged North Queensland bush.

Daniel is also a deeply committed Christian, spending Sunday mornings on lay duties at his church.

But first and foremost he is a fisherman – a professional who skippers the big-game charter vessel Moana III, cruising the Coral Sea, hosting guests seeking the ultimate fishing thrill – the fabled black and blue grander marlin.  Most of which are

‘tagged and released’ – and sometimes fitted with satellite-tracking devices, part of an important research program in which Daniel is involved.   An initiative of the Lizard Island Game Fishing Club, the research program provides valuable scientific data about marlin movements and habitats.

A fully-qualified Master Class IV (4) Captain and Engineer, Daniel fished almost before he could walk.  Moana III holds an impressive reputation including tournament wins, ‘champion boat’, fleet and weight victories and ‘biggest marlin’ – Moana III is one of the most-awarded vessels in the Coral Sea fleet.

Of course, it was Daniel’s passion for fishing – and his outrage at the draconian fishing zone closures around the entire Australian coast-line – that triggered his decision to nominate as a senate candidate for the Australian Fishing & Lifestyle Party, in which he has been active since it’s inception (as the Fishing Party) in 2004.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

His relevant credentials include long-standing directorships and advisory roles in several leading organizations which represent the industries active in the Coral Sea and along the Great Barrier Reef – and seek to preserve both iconic waters in a pristine state.

These organizations include the Australian Marine Park Tourist Operators association (AMPTO); the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s Tourism & Recreation Regional Advisory Committee; the Cairns Professional Game Fishing Association, of which he has served as President for the past 6 years; and chairman of the prestigious Cairns Black Marlin Hall of Fame.

Daniel explains his decision to seek Senate election: “I have worked in virtually every aspect of the marine industry, including commercial fishing, marine tourism, game fishing charter, Boating and Fisheries Patrol and for the last several years I have served on industry and government advisory boards and committees”.

“Much of my time revolves around trying to get our issues jointly represented in the political arena, which when it all boils down to it is where the decisions are made.   Hence I feel I’m in a reasonable position to make a fair assessment of how things have gone wrong and I look forward to working with all interested groups in the hope of getting significant changes made to improve our fishing future”.

“To be specific, our environment, our fish stocks and our fisheries urgently require a much more balanced, practical approach to management – this what our party seeks to achieve with proactive representation in the Senate”

For many years Captain Daniel McCarthy, a charter boat skipper from Cairns, has been tirelessly defending fishing access rights in the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea. As a Senator, he will take that fight to Canberra, not just for the fisher-folks
of North Queensland – but for all Australians who value their ‘right to fish’ & responsibly enjoy Australia’s Great Outdoors.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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  1. Garry O'Brien says:

    In your campaigning could you point out publicly that , in regard to the Coral Sea Marine Park, the environmental/green movement was supported by the PEW group which was originally financed by Sun Oil.
    This is easily verified by looking at the PEW website.

  2. Thanks Gary – “big oil” seems to be the hidden hand behind the Pew Foundation, and you have to wonder if there isn’t a hidden AGENDA behind Pew’s sadly successful efforts to ‘close-down’ more than half of the Coral Sea – banning all forms of fishing.

    It’s pleasing that you’re keeping an eye on the nefarious activities of this regerttably influential lobby group, which was able to CON the Labor federal government in to declaring the Coral Sea Marine Park Reserve – the government of course, had it’s own reasons for implimenting these wholly un-necessary fishing zone closures: their arrangement with the Greens.

    Gary, thanks again for your advice, interest and support – I hope and trust you will cast
    your vote for my candidacy in the Senate – look for the AF & LP ‘box’ ABOVE THE LINE,
    5th. ‘box’ from the right-hand-side, on the near-yard-long ballot slip..

    With your help, support and VOTE, we can ensure that every Aussies’ right-to-fish is restored.

    Sincerely, Dan

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