‘Australian’ by Name – and by Nature – the Party goes

National, announces Senate candidates in every State.


The former ‘Fishing party’ (of Queensland)became the AUSTRALIAN Fishing & Lifestyle Party because the rights of fishers everywhere around the vast Aussie coastline are under serious threat.   Following pre-selection processes, AF & LP now proudly – and loudly – announces Senate Candidates in every state.


Meet the men and women who will carry the AF & LP banner in YOUR state:-



Daniel McCarthy, big-game charter boat skipper, family man (5 children) and committed Christian.

Suzzanne Erskine Wyatt , an organizer of and spokes-lady for the nationally famous Ribbons Womens Fishing Tournament.


New South Wales:

Robert Lowe, Sydney-based ‘Bob’ is founding president of the fabled Lizard Island Game Fishing Club.

Tim Dean, leading charter boat operator in Port Stephens and Cairns.



Joseph Zammit, avid fishing enthusiast, engineering background, operator of leading Melbourne property management firm.

Richard Abela, BlueWater Magazine feature writer and self-described fishing fanatic.


Western Australia:

Jay Edwards, experienced in property and mining industries, strident advocate for the Island state.

Ross Finlayson, world-renowned marlin fisherman, holds several world records, vice president of game fishing association.


South Australia:

Darren Haydon, internationally famous amongst fishing fraternity, helped pioneer New Zealand game fishing industry.

Chris Miles, leading charter boat skipper, is both a recreational and professional fisherman, also holds world records.



DR Max Stewart, Pathologist and astute property investor and vessel owner, a founding member of Australian Fishing & Lifestyle Party.

Lorraine Stewart, Max’s lifelong partner, shares his concern at wholly un-necessary restrictions on fishing.


These committed people are YOUR Senate candidates – they’ve chosen to ‘run’ due to their conviction to the cause of ‘keeping Australia fishing’ – and their horror at the way fisher’s rights have been violated.  Your support for the A.F. & L.P. Senate Candidates in your state will ensure that your FISHING RIGHTS WILL BE RESPECTED in the future.




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  1. trevor majid says:

    i met u at the mackay boat show on the sunday i am the young grand father.i read your articles on your parties website and understand a little more the gravity of the issues that are affecting us all.i will try and support the aflp the best way i can leading up to the election and hope things can change for the better in the near future.

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