About Me

Gone are the days when everyone knew their neighbors or the local newsstand owner knew all his regular clientele who would grace his presence each morning getting their quick bottle of water and favorite magazine, comic or newspaper.   The corner deli or grocer that stayed open from the early hours of the morning to late at night to accommodate their regular clientele.  The advancement of social media, growing neighborhood crime and corporate advancement has basically rendered these businesses obsolete.

Having experience in these types of businesses I know what it takes for the lone startup, the mom-pop business or the street magazine vendor to cling to their small niche in the business world.
I also, know, as I have worked and been part of the large corporate world, and in-depth knowledge and unique perspective of this world too.

Combining both of these to try and bring everyone out there trying or thinking of starting their own business.

With my all-round experience and knowledge of e-commerce, social media, corporate markets and stock exchange I bring you useful advice, real-time information and news on the world of business no matter the size of yours.

My weekly blogs, articles and business guides are designed to help you make the most of your business in today’s ever-changing way people do business.